Admin files received from Partaloa 21/2/22

  1. Proyecto actuación
    This being just one of the 35 documents sent by the Secretary, and is the full PoA Annex submitted by Bartolome in November 2021
  2. Translation of PoA Annex
    Translation of above in English
  3. Proyecto actuación Electric connection
    Self evident, part of the Annex submitted in November 2021
  4. Proyecto actuación plans
    As above but for the 3 plans showing location and warehouse detail.
    It is alarmingly noticeable on the topographic map that the villages and urban areas of Piedra Amarilla, Cerro Cruz, Cerro Gordo, Lentisco, La Cañada, and all other local hamlets, plus the numerous houses in the vicinity of Parcela 132, are all omitted.
  5. Resolución de Alcaldía interrupción de plazo
    Announcement from Partaloa in regard to interruption
  6. Resolución de Alcaldía translation
    As above Translated to English
  7. Salida informe Junta interesados
    Letter from the Junta
    This document is dated 29/11/2021. However, as residents we did not discover from social media until 24/1/2022 of its existence, and not until 31/1/2022 did EPRA receive the actual document.
    This is beyond the 30 days normally allowed by law (LPACAP) after the file was sent to the Junta by Partaloa in November 2021.
    There are no technical reports received in support of this document.
  8. Salida informe Junta interesados translation
    As above translated
  9. Solicitud anexo general bartolo redacted
    Applicant’s letter in Spanish for the PoA annex submission dated 18/11/2021

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