EPRA Public Statement 22nd September 2021

Having viewed various posts on other media sites, it is incumbent on us to keep members informed of progress and explain the process as it stands. Some
observers in local media believe our residents compare the bureaucracy between UK and Spain. This has never been the case in EPRA.

Our membership, for one thing has numerous Nationalities, who have enjoyed living here for a number of years.

As you know our planning expert submitted our allegations on 15th September 2021, we are confident that this will be a successful challenge to the planning application to build a chicken farm on plot #132.

It may take some while for Dip.Almeria to agree with EPRA’s and all our individual objections. We must therefore be patient.

The town hall planning technician deals with the technical aspects of applications. The town hall secretary deals with the legal aspects in terms of controlling the legality of the procedure and compliance with administrative law.

The town hall secretary may eliminate some objections at this stage due to procedural errors etc. but this can only be done within the law and the author of the
objection will be informed.

In the case of Partaloa Ayuntamiento it does not have a permanent planning technician so the objections will be dealt with by technicians from the Diputacion.

It is therefore necessary for the town hall to send our file to Almeria.

At the end of this phase there will be a formally documented outcome.

Once that happens we shall publish those documents.

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