EPRA Public Statement 21st February 2022

EPRA requested last month copies of the administrative files in relation to the Chicken factory project. On 21st Feb we have received some file copies in electronic format.

At this stage we are unaware if all of those files were examined by the Junta prior to their declaration that ‘the reference action is favorably reported.’ What we do know is that one of these files is a Project of Action annex submitted by the applicant on 18th November 2021, which contains different information from that contained in the Project of Action documentation sent to us by the Council and posted on our website in August 2021.

Members will know that November 2021 is 2 months after our objections and allegations (within the 20-working-days allowed) were registered at the Town Hall.
This new file contains additional information which would be of particular concern to all residents.

The project applicant has revealed that 39,499 broiler chickens would be housed in a warehouse of 130x14m in size, and be supplied with water managed by Partaloa council. The PoA Annex also declares that the only Urban nucleus is Partaloa, some 2246 meters from the proposed factory. It thereby falsely states the nearest urban population centre is greater than 2 km, and therefore implies that the villages of Piedra Amarilla, Cerro Cruz, Cerro Gordo, Lentisco, La Cañada, and all other local hamlets, plus the numerous houses in the vicinity of Parcela 132, do not exist.

It also does not explain how transportation can access the site, or include any reference to our local roads having a load limit of 3.5 tonnes.

Other salient information will be posted on our website, as well as translations which we intend to reveal in due course. Meantime all the documents have been forwarded to our planning expert Ronnie Howley for his examination.

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