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Partaloa Livestock Ordinance, issued Nov. 2022

EPRA’s AGM will be held on Friday 16th September 2022 at 5pm

Technical report 15/3/2022 and Notes of EPRA meeting 25/4/2022

Admin files received from Partaloa 21/2/22

EPRA Public Statement 21st February 2022

Minutes of EPRA Emergency General Meeting on 29th October 2021

Talk Radio at Heart FM on Sunday October 31st

Emergency General Meeting was held on October 29th

EPRA’s Emergency General Meeting will be held on October 29th at 4pm

EPRA Public Statement 22nd September 2021

The deadline for objections has now passed

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Anuncio BOP Expediente Aprobacion Inicial Proyecto Actuacion Nave Avicola

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